As young people, we love different things, some of us love rap, some love poems. I love writing, so please give me your attention as I tell you about the Christmas box.

Yesterday was boxing day. A day ribbons are placed on boxes and given to people from a heart of love 😉. “As I wan do the same but no get money to buy gift for all of una, I come decide package all the love inside this box wey man call CHRIST 😳”. Are you surprised? 😂. Take a chill pill, I was on sale, bought, signed and delivered (as in no turning back). ”
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation, to EVERYONE THAT BELIEVES …”

I love too many people, but what greater way can I show my love than tell you about my lover, JESUS THE CHRIST. Yes, I’m serious he is my boo (don’t worry, I will marry 😉).

Let’s cut the story of how he came, died was buried and rose again, because I know some have heard the gist and are tired of hearing it. (That’s why some of us get that cold stare 🙄when we talk about this man called Christ).

So let’s go to the main issue. The questions on our minds causing unbelieve. Questions like; *If He is the son of God, who is God’s wife?, why couldn’t God find another way to save man?, why would a man’s death save others eternally?, if God is God, why can’t we all be saved?, how will confessing Christ save us?. Some even go as far as saying there is no God* (chai yours is worse because everything that exists is a proof of God. Let’s end it there). But to answer all these questions. *God decided to make foolish the wisdom of this world, that by the ‘foolishness’ of preaching they who believe will be saved. While some people require a sign, some want something they can comprehend or critically analyze. That is why to some the gospel is a stumbling block and to others foolishness but sincerely, it is the deep wisdom of God hidden that they who believe might have nothing to boast of for it is not of any man, but God’s wisdom wrapped in’foolishness’.*

Strange right?, that wisdom is wrapped in foolishness but it is TRUTH. I must confess, that I was once like you. A preacher’s kid, but lost in my thoughts, trying to navigate men’s idea, a cage carved with strong metals called RELIGION. I wanted to know the TRUTH for myself (that you are born into a religion is no excuse). I didn’t want to waste my life being deceived, I wanted to be the one to decide where I belong, to know what is real and not (I can’t imagine believing lies and dying with it). So I began a deep search, comparing as many religions as I could until I found my Christmas box called CHRIST. Fully convinced that it is only in Christ you have *GOD AS FATHER👨‍👦, A FRIEND*👬 who you can always talk to, hear from and rely on, *A LOVER👨‍❤‍💋‍👨* you don’t have to hide anything from. I fell deeply in love, because I found purpose and essence coupled with communion with the author of life (what greater pleasure can man have). Trust me, after receiving the box, I am not yet done unwrapping the gifts inside the box because it is enormous.

So wrapped in the Christmas box to you today is all my love called CHRIST. Trust me, there is no other certain way to be saved than this, because *SALVATION IS FOUND IN NO ONE ELSE BUT JESUS*.

To accept my Christmas box, simply believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and God raised Him from the dead. (As simple as it seems, *YOU ARE ETERNALLY SAVED AND LOVED*).

I LOVE YOU. If you want to know more, reach me by sending me a private message through any of these platform beneath.

Olorunfemi Fisayomi
(one of a kind)

Twitter: Suigeneris231
IG: Suigeneris_ _
Facebook: Fisayomi Olorunfemi
Phone no (whatsapp only): 08106952999


Author: kenieo

A student studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. A Publicist, Sanguine & Choleric. I have a strong-will towards achieving, I also have a spirit of consistency. :)

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