Nobody Is Indispensable! 

Yes! Anyone can be replaced..
Thanks Anne for this piece.

Craving God

As one person is messing up, Another is warming up.

Anybody can be a better you.
God always has alternatives.
▫He replaced Saul with David. 1 Sam 16:1

▫He replaced Vashti with Esther. Esther 2:4,17

▫He replaced Judas with Matthias. Acts 1:26.

It’s simple. If man refuses to praise God, God will raise up stones to praise Him (Luke 19:40) He will replace us with stones! But God forbid for stones to be raised while I have hands and mouth. I mean, that’s why I’m on earth (Isaiah 43:21)
Because of your position or commitment, you think you’re indispensable? Hehehe, I pity your ignorance! God will humble you. Baba Goliath, being champion of the Philistine army was there thinking he was indispensable or unbeatable. But God used David to show him (1Samuel 17:4-10). Same with Nebuchadnezzar because of his political authority, he thought there was none like him (Daniel…

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Author: kenieo

A student studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. A Publicist, Sanguine & Choleric. I have a strong-will towards achieving, I also have a spirit of consistency. :)

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