Craving God

Lord, send me to Haiti and I’ll go.God even though it’s Vietnam on my own, I’ll go. I’ll plant a church on the moon and preach the Gospel on CNN as far as it’s for you, God!

This has been my mood lately. A desire to do whatever it takes to carry the Gospel to every city in the world as God commanded. This passion is birthed as a result of the love you have for God. You can’t love God to a fault, but you can love him crazily to a point where you would want to do anything for him or go anywhere as long as it pleases God. Jesus is the husband of the church. And it is written “Wives submit to your husbands… ” Therefore we should submit ourselves to God entirely.

In humble obedience, we say “Yes, Lord” to whatever He asks of…

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Author: kenieo

A student studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. A Publicist, Sanguine & Choleric. I have a strong-will towards achieving, I also have a spirit of consistency. :)

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