Pushing Through 

When you experience any drought, you don’t wait for the rain, you call for rain!

Thanks Anne

Craving God

For every prophecy released you have to war it out. You don’t watch prophecies you war them into happening. 1 Timothy1:18 You must P.U.S.H. You don’t wish problems to go away on their own. You pray away problems. When you pray, don’t give up till answers come. You pray once and nothing happens? Go back to your room, eat the word of God concerning that situation! Pray again! The Bible says that Elijah had his head in between his knees. That couldn’t have been an ordinary prayer. It’s not immediately Elijah said a word of prayer that it rained. He sent his servant to check if something had happened seven good times! He didn’t stop praying until something happened Be persistent!

Don’t fold your hands and watch that failure, mishap or stagnation. Rise up and P.U.S.H. Refuse to let the devil win the battles! It’s in the place of prayer…

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Author: kenieo

A student studying Electronic & Electrical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. A Publicist, Sanguine & Choleric. I have a strong-will towards achieving, I also have a spirit of consistency. :)

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