Why every man should own a white pant. 

Guys! This is for you.
Piece by Adekolu Samuel ‘Soft’ himself. I don’t know the type of engineer you are. Lool! :’)

Mind of Soft

Good day Gentlemen ! , and hello ladies ( Please share this post with your male “friends” ). Its ( although almost) harmattan season here in west africa and you open this blog to find someone just about your age tell you to get white pants. Amidst the dust , and you tell us to own its grand enemy. as much as i would suggest you to get white pants , id rather you not wear them during this season . Second thoughts would make us realize white pants are actually outfits you dont just wear. Why and when and where do you wear them then ?
Colors are known to have significant meaning and even more much gender-specific meanings , just like red would mean classy for a lady or love for an event . Although, White is commonly known to be significant of peace or purity. Closer details…

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Our leaders:Our Nation!

Thank You Productive System for this piece.
Please, let’s continue to pray for our leaders 🙂
1 Timothy 2:1-2


Sipping a cup of tea,with my crossed legs on the round bottom chair, I took a close look at the day’s papers.I was dazed by a caption which gave the amount of money allocated for the feeding and travelling cost of our leaders for the year 2017.

I took time out meditating on the allocation of such enormous amount to the poor family spending the night on the street of Lagos and the young children without food or new clothes this festive period.I just imagined the joy that would be emitted from them,it sure has the capacity of melting a candle without lighting it.

Gone are the days of king Solomon when the poor,homeless and orphans were invited in his porch for a feast,those days when the joy of the people were paramount in the heart of their leaders.These people have the deep blue sea as their source of water,the…

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The Epilogue of 2016

Give God thanks 🙂


Today I sat in the bus,just randomly thinking,then my eyes caught a being arrayed with just his panties,wait ohhhh…don’t run into conclusion. If he was a kid,it would have meant nothing to me but he was a grown man with sooo much beards,looking so dirty,muttering unknown words to himself, walking aimlessly.

Just about that time,I saw children I could recall singing were the leaders of tomorrow carrying a flat metallic plate,singing something different, begging for alms.

I was taken aback by another man rolling on the floor with a locally made skater, the only difference was he was on his knees not on his feet as have seen in movies,looking closely,I saw he had very tiny legs wrapped in,forming a W-shape around the skater begging for alms.

Then I searched desperately for pure reasons why people with legs,who have shelter and food to eat,who are sane and clothed are cajoled…

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Crotchet twists made by me!!!!!!

I don’t plait/fix my hair. But ladies, I find this piece by Bomi fascinating.
Please read!! 😎😋👌

Curls waves and kinks

Hey readers,

How have you all been and I hope you have been treating your hair nicely?

Well, I just made my hair🙌🙌🙌🙌..I made crotchet twists. Pre twisted then installed using the crotchet method. And of course I made it myself…twisted myself and installed myself. I actually noticed a change in myself that since I turned natural I just began to despise going to salons to make my hair…always scared of them rough handling my previous natural hair that is just managing to grow! “Ah I cannor risk it lai lai”🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

So I just want to share and show you guys how I made it and also introduce you to my new crotchet extension brand (doesn’t have a name yet tho…..we’ll get there) lol!. So I decided to go into making of crotchet extensions for hair, starting with pre twisted and pre braided crotchet extensions. The one I made for…

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The Identity Series Pt 1 -I am

This is first of the post I will be ‘re-bloging’. It’s a topic that pertains to me and you. Feel free to comment 🙂
Thanks Anne for this piece.

Craving God

Lately I’ve been seeing my identity in another dimension. My heart is pregnant and my shoulders heavy. So, I just want to pour it all out and it might take me the rest of the year. It’s quite long but please take your time to be blessed.

So, here are Five questions you should ask yourself;

Who am I? (Identity)

Where am I from? (Source/origin)

What am I here for? (Purpose)

What can I do? (Potential)

Where am I going (destination)
But let’s talk about who we are. 🙂

Whatever comes after “I am” is your identity. It’s simple, if you don’t know your identity, you’ll miss out on your entitlement and if people don’t know your identity, you can be labelled with any. John the Baptist was asked who he was, people mistook him for the Messiah. Everyone wanted to know who Jesus was. Jesus even inquired of His…

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